Local Handicrafters Malaysia: What Makes Them So Special?

We all know there are many local handmade products all around, but not many people opt to purchase them for themselves or as gifts. One of the common activities these local handicrafters in Malaysia would be sewing. There are countless handmade products created just by sewing alone. Here are three reasons on what makes the local handicrafters in Malaysia unique: 

1. Providing Job Opportunities To The Underprivileged 

Local handmade products help the economy by giving the underprivileged group a chance to survive and offering employment opportunities. For certain groups of people such as the disabled, they find joy in creating handmade products to earn an income as it can be difficult to make a living. For those who are unable to walk or wheel-chair bound, they could start sewing and create crafts in order to sell them as it doesn’t require them to move about, it simply allows them to be stationary in one place. Whether they are disabled or have diseases such as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), sewing isn’t a challenging activity for them to perform compared to other job opportunities that may be difficult. 

Some of them rely solely on creating handmade products to put food on their table. By supporting local handmade products, you’re helping them to survive and earn a decent income. Moreover, it does not require much capital investment at the start. Most of them could purchase a secondhand sewing machine or be given a sewing machine through donations. The materials, fabric, tools or accessories needed to create these handmade products aren’t too expensive either and can be easily sourced from various local suppliers. 

2. A Place For Passionate Creatives To Shine

Helps those who are passionate about sewing 

Those who are passionate about sewing wouldn’t know there is a market for them to earn an income through what they love. By supporting local handicrafts in Malaysia, we are offering a community or safe place for them to pursue their interests. When you’re passionate about something, having some sort of support always makes it much more enjoyable. Housewives are usually the ones that are passionate about sewing as they have a lot of free time at home while taking care of their kids. 

Since they are passionate about it, each and every product is specially handcrafted with love and care. When you get your hands on the handmade products, you’ll know that intense labor and hard work are poured into creating them. 

Form of therapy 

Creative activities are also beneficial as a way for people to release their stress. Since most of the local handicrafters in Malaysia are disabled or underprivileged, creating these handmade crafts helps them to channel their feelings into a masterpiece.

A Chance To Create Premium Gifts or Corporate Gifts 

There will always be a demand for corporate gifts or premium gifts all across Malaysia. This offers an opportunity for local handicrafters to showcase their skills as well. Despite the huge amount of gifts needed to be created, it is still possible and they will be more than happy to take it up. So if you are looking for a premium gift or corporate gift supplier, you should always consider local handicrafters to create them for you. 

3. Offering Sewing or Creative Workshops 

As most of these local handicrafters possess the skill of sewing, there are opportunities to provide sewing workshops to others that are looking to learn. The ones that are professional sewers could earn an income by teaching potential students in the sewing workshops. 

Other than that, these sewing workshops also help to broaden or strengthen creative skills and knowledge. To be frank, many people don’t know whether they are good at sewing or not until they take the opportunity to try it. Once a door opens for them to learn something new, they could gain a new skill which could benefit them in the long run. Not only will they learn how to sew, but also broaden their creative thinking at the same time since sewing can be used to create many types of products such as handbags, phone covers, to name a few. 

February 17, 2021 — Michelle Kam