Malaysian Handicraft: Unique Gifts Ideas in Malaysia

When it comes to buying gifts for your loved ones, it can be difficult trying to figure out what to get them. Sometimes, you don’t want to give them something that they could get themselves. Instead, you want to get them something different and unique. Malaysian Handicrafts are getting more attention nowadays as gifts or souvenirs, whether it is to a local or tourist. 

Examples of Common Handmade Local Products or Souvenirs 

Malaysia is known for various types of handmade products. To view more handmade products, you can visit our Tunku Azizah Handmade Market

Here are some of the more popular ones:

1. Songkok

Traditionally worn by Muslim men, Songkoks are usually handcrafted by locals for many years, including this Songkok maker in Penang where each one has been specially handcrafted for over 700 years. Most of them are made using a sewing machine while finishing touches will be stitched manually by hand. 

You can purchase handmade songkoks here

2. Traditional Baba Nyonya Embroidery 

Baba Nyonya (Peranakan) culture originated from the state of Malacca where it is the combination of Malay and Chinese heritage. Nyonya slippers and Kebaya is one of the common handmade products that are bought from locals and tourists alike. Nyonya slippers are usually known as hand beaded footwear consisting of various colours and designs or unique patterns embroidered on them. Embroidered kebaya is a traditional clothing worn by women with various floral patterns. The embroidered items are usually handmade with sewing machines

3. Handwoven Crafts

These are traditional hand-woven handicrafts that can be made into anything such as mats, baskets, handbags, and more. The materials are a combination of rattan, bamboo, mengkuang leaves and pandan that are all woven and coiled together. 

4. Batik

A traditional artistic handicraft in Malaysia that is widely used for clothes, pillow covers and bags. These designs are usually hand-drawn which is then traced with a traditional tool called canting. To this date, batik is a staple when it comes to fashion, with more Malaysian fashion designers using them in their collections. 

You can purchase handmade batik products here

Benefits of Buying Local Handicraft Products 

In Malaysia, there are many handicrafters that produce a vast amount of art and crafts on a daily basis. Why should you consider buying these local handicraft products instead of the modern products as gifts? 

1. Learn About Traditional Culture & Preserve The Traditions

Since most of the local handmade products are based on traditional cultures and heritage, recipients get to know more about where each product originated from along with the story behind the crafts. 

These local handicraft products are from centuries ago, passed down by their respective ancestors. By purchasing the products, you help to spread awareness and also potentially pass down the skills or knowledge to the future generation. 

2. Uniquely Made

Without a doubt, each product is carefully handcrafted to perfection. They are not massively produced, so you know each and every product is unique. You won’t be able to get the same exact replica, there will be one or two features that are different. That’s what makes these handmade products so special. You can’t find the same product elsewhere. 

3. Each Product Tells A Story

Since every single product is different, the process of making it will be different as well. How the cloth is chosen or designed, the way the handbags are stitched, and so on are different. Upon receiving the handmade products, you’ll know that there is a whole unique process tied to it. 

4. Suitable For Corporate Gifts or Premium Gifts 

These handmade products are also great to be used as door gifts or if you are looking for a premium gift or corporate gift supplier in Malaysia. This offers the local handicrafters an opportunity to expand their customer reach by spreading awareness on these handmade products which are all made with good quality. 

Unique Gift Ideas in Malaysia

Whether it is for a special event or simply to show how much you care, here are some unique gift ideas for your loved ones! 

1. For Kids

Pencil Roll

malaysian handicraft
Minions Water Bottle Cover/Holder
Children Sling Bag

2. For Women

Quilted Batik Coaster

Hand Drawn Canvas Tote Bag

2-Way Zipper Framed Bag

Jasmine & Charcoal Handmade Soap (Set)

Drawstring Cosmetics Pouch

3. For Men

Genuine Leather Passport Holder

Handmade Upcycled Backpack

Songkok Crown Dewasa

4. For Special Occasions


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February 17, 2021 — Michelle Kam