At Sewing World, we have collaborated and hosted various sewing events. Some of the notable successful events are as below: 

World’s Largest Bag Handstitched By 1,492 participants

We gathered around 1,492 participants to hand-stitch the world’s largest bag by the Guinness World Records in Puchong, Selangor. The bag is made with 2,984 old t-shirts and is about 25 feet long, 17 feet 10 inches high, and has a width of 9 feet 11 inches.

The main objective behind this event is to encourage others to recycle and re-use old items and create something unique. Besides that, it also motivates those in the B40 category they are able to make use of their creativity and earn an income. 

The Tunku Azizah Handmade Market 

The Tunku Azizah Handmade Market (TTAHM) is an online platform where crafters are able to sell their sewing products online. There are at least 100 craft entrepreneurs on the online platform where they sell products such as handmade keychains, purses, handbags, and so on. 

The main idea behind the TTAHM is to help those who are in the B40 category such as single mothers, housewives, and the elderly to earn an income with their creative sewing skills.

Back To Nature Program

The primary mission of this Back To Nature Program is to instill a love of nature and promote a sense of eco-consciousness among Malaysians. The program was held in conjunction with Pavillion Bukit Jalil. 

The handmade products use natural dyes obtained from plants and natural resources in fabric production and feature up to 50 booths consisting of housewives, underprivileged individuals, people with disabilities, and the Orang Asli community.