Social Entrepreneur Program 

At Sewing World, we offer our very own Social Entrepreneur Program where we collaborate with various companies who would like to sponsor and help others to gain new skills and generate income on their own.

With our Social Entrepreneur Program, we provide the necessary tools to conduct sewing classes and workshops. Through these sewing courses, it can help those keen on learning sewing skills in order to generate income in the future. 

What We Offer For Social Entrepreneur Program 

Participants of our Social Entrepreneur Program will benefit from the following: 

  • Gain new sewing skills 
  • Learn how to produce natural and creative fabrics using technique natural dye & eco printing.
  • Learn how to fully utilize all the functions of a sewing machine 
  • Gain theory and practical skills on how to market their handmade sewing products & eco-friendly handmade products
  • Train to be entrepreneurs in the sewing industry & start a home-based business

Social Entrepreneur Program:

1.Zero To Hero Program 

One of the successful Social Entrepreneur Programs is the Zero To Hero Program. We collaborated with PPB Group and PSJKM, which is our charity arm that provides sewing workshops to the public. 

Testimonials From Our Social Entrepreneur Program

Check out some of our testimonials and learn about their experience after joining our CSR Program! 


2.Natural Dye & Eco Printing Program 

Another successful Social Entrepreneur Programs is the Natural Dye & Eco Printing Program. We collaborated with KPKT and PSJKM, with the aim of i)Raising awareness among the public about the importance of preserving the environment through creative sewing art. ii)Learning courses on natural dye techniques & eco printing and sewing skills. iii)Fostering entrepreneurship in producing eco-friendly products.



 Start Your Social Entrepreneur Program With Us Today! 

We customize every Social Entrepreneur Program to meet your organization’s needs and requirements. Reach out to us for CSR sponsorship and start making a difference today.