A Home For Malaysian Crafters

Every handmade product is sewn with passion, love and care. Making every single piece special and unique.There is a story behind every item and our crafters.

Our crafter consist of OKU, Single Mothers , Housewife, Under Priviledge,Professional Crafter and etc

Crafter's Story

Check out some of their story and know more about their background! 


Pn Shereen -Mum with Autisme Children

Pn Lina -Under Priviledge

Madam Leong - OKU ( People With Disabilities)

En Fairuz - A person with Arthritis

Pn Loi - Housewife

Pn Nur Aishah - Professional Crafter

You are not buying just a product but you are changing someone's life! 

Support local handmade and your little action will change theirs lives.