Who Are We ?

Sewing World Gallery is owned by Mostwell Sdn Bhd (182043 T) established in year 1989.

 We have conducted hundreds if not thousands of sewing workshops in order to preserve and

pass on the tradition and the art of sewing especially in this fast fashion era. 


Empowering lower income group in Malaysia to have the skill to create crafts, work with fabrics and 

providing them channels to sell their products, in the hope of improving their lives.

What is The Tunku Azizah Handmade Market?

It is a handmade market initiated by Mostwell back in year 2010,

helping our students to sell their handmade products through different channels,

from night markets to bazaar, and eventually into shopping mall.


It was later being named after our beloved queen Tunku Azizah,

who is our patron of this initiative in the year of 2019.


Now we are taking this service to the next level, allowing our artisans to sell their products

through this online platform, in the hope of bringing our local crafts beyond the border of Malaysia.

Mission & Vision

To preserve the art of sewing and local craftsmanship,

through education and skill empowering by combining technology & creativity.


To see lives being transformed, love being spread, traditions being passed down and smiles

on the face of every recipient of our products.


Milestones & Awards



Media Coverage

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