7 Best Sewing Tools You Probably Can't Live Without

Whether you’re a beginner in sewing or have been sewing for quite some time, it can take some trial and error here and there to get the best sewing tools that suit you. As we all know, sewing itself can be difficult and troublesome without the proper tools. For instance, when you want to cut certain parts of a fabric, using a regular scissors instead of a fabric scissors wouldn’t work as well. Without further ado, here are some of the 7 best sewing tools you need in your life:

1. Sewing Machine Needles

Image source: craftsy.com

You can never go wrong with having too many sewing machine needles! It’s a fact - you'll be bound to be missing a few needles here and there. Plus, certain fabrics or different sizes of threads require various needles. Hence, it’s always better to keep a bunch of needles around. As needles can rust which requires regular change of needles, all the more reason for you to keep around as many needles as possible. You can buy your own sewing machine needles here.

2. Tailor’s Chalk

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Although there are many types of the best sewing tools for marking around, Tailor’s chalk is known to be one of the best and effective sewing tools around. With a Tailor’s chalk, you can draw lines in a much clearer way on any fabric. It doesn’t require much effort to clean it up or remove them too. Tailor’s chalk are available in all sorts of colours, so if you prefer to separate your markings with different colours, this marking tool would be for you.

3. Small embroidery scissors

Image source: stictchedmodern.com

When you’re clipping threads or trimming any small areas, the small embroidery scissors would be the best sewing tool to use. Some even mentioned they carry it around their neck or keep it with them at all times while they are sewing. It’s also one of the best ways to make your sewing much more efficient. You could also use this to pull out any stitches without damaging the fabric along the way, similar to the function of a seam ripper which is known to make a hole in the fabric when pulling out the stitches. You can buy your own embroidery scissors here.

4. Glass headpins

Image source: pinterest.com

If you’re tired of your regular pins that keep making a hole in your fabric whenever you take it out, you should definitely give glass headpins a try. The diameter of the head isn't as big as the regular ones, thus, preventing it from poking a huge hole. Another great thing about owning glass headpins is how you could easily iron over them, unlike plastic pins which you have to remove them when ironing over. This works great with the magnetic pin cushion too!

5. Iron

Image source: thespruce.com

Yes, an iron is one of the best sewing tools you definitely would need in your life! A steam iron is great to be used when you’re ironing over your fabric. As you know, fabric would be much easier to cut when you iron it, getting rid of all the wrinkles and enabling you to cut with more accuracy. Of course, you have to choose a good steam iron for this. Pressing is one of the major processes when sewing, so be sure to pick a good one!

6. Magnetic pin cushion

Image source: tailormouse.co.uk

This would be your ultimate lifesaver. When you’re sewing, you will have trouble looking for the pins you need. Unlike a regular pin cushion, the magnetic ones could help keep them all together without having you do it yourself manually.

7. Circle cutter

Image source: otakuonabudget.blogspot.com

It’s pretty impossible to cut a perfect circle every time. Though you could simply use a compass, nothing beats the convenience of having a circle cutter! It doesn’t even require too much effort. Circle cutters generally are able to cut through foam, card, paper or fabric.

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April 29, 2021 — Michelle Kam