Upcycle Crosstich Bag 

We use Re-used (also known as Up-cycled, or re-purposed) vinyl banners in all of our
products. Made by our local artisans. Each handbag is unique and will never be repeated.
Had we not rescued the material, it would have been added to our local landfill and
remained there intact for a very, very long time.

Our vinyl banner materials use state of the art printing processes which produce brilliant
colour schemes.
They are masterfully re-cut and re-fabricated just to ensure the satisfaction of our

L 33cm x W 11 cm x H 21.5 cm

Shipping Details
- We will ship the item within 3 working days after we received the payment.
- You'll receive the package within 7-10 days.
- This gift set will be shipped with a sealed plastic.