Upcycle Banner Bag

The previous life of this recycle bag is actually a banner, is what make this product so wonderful.
It can do the job your normal recycle bag might not able to do.
It is built to last and heavy usage, allowing you to carry heavy items without tearing apart
thanks to the vinyl fabric material that is found in a banner.
Your purchase of this item is a direct support of our initiative in creating sustainable
products that are environmentally friendly. 
With this bag. you can now shop with confidence knowing that you have done your part
in making our earth a greener place. 

L x 35.5 cm x W 13cm x H 38cm

Shipping Details
- We will ship the item within 3 working days after we received the payment.
- You'll receive the package within 7-10 days.
- This gift set will be shipped with a sealed plastic.