In Patchwork history, at first Sun-bonnet Bonnet Girl is designed for children stuff. After the 17th century in Europe, there were Patchwork  specially designed for children but the picture were not interesting. In year 1880 when Sun-bonnet Girl was popular, many artist used this design as their design topic or drew it to embroidery's products which at that time, preferred by most people.
It is very tough to draw the Sun-bonnet Girl's face using embroidery. In year 1890, an American's artist used wide hat and night scenery to cover the face. In year 1900, such Sun-bonnet Girl design and boys wearing pants were very popular till someone used this embroidery design and apply it to Patchwork.
The name of Sue originated in year 1902, when an American Patchwork Designer used Sun-bonnet Sue as it's Patchwork Exhibition's topic. In year 1905, after getting encourage results in American, Sun-bonnet Sue become Patchwork design.
Anyone who loves Patchwork will want to have all kinds of Sun-bonnet Sue design. Until now, there are more than 200 design. This episode is specially for those who like Patchwork where different design from different countries had been chosen. It contains 6 main topics: Little Girl Sue, Lady Sue, Grand mother Sue, Sue & Billy, Sue's Garden, Sue by Pattern Foundation, with the suitable size 27 x 27 cm and 13.5 x 13.5 cm. The entire of the book that contain more than 100 design is a collection that should not miss by any Patchwork lover!

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