Product Description:

“Sleeping pouch” when unzipped looks like a sleeping bag. It can be partially or fully zipped

This pouch has many uses; as a pencil case, toiletries travel pouch, dining utensils pouch, smartphone pouch, etc.

It is a useful and practical gift for all ages


Approximate Measurement:

W x H:10 cm (4.0 in) x 27 cm (10.75 in)



100% cotton for the outer fabric and mixed cotton for the inner fabric. The colours are carefully mixed and matched with nylon zip and YKK zipper slider to give it a unique and vibrant look.


Shipping Details:

- The item will ship within 3 working days after payment received

- This item will be shipped with a sealed plastic

You may receive the package within 7-10 days (depending on location)

Customization/Bulk order: 

For bulk order* (10pcs and above), please WhatsApp or PM Facebook or Instagram for details.
*Subject to product availability