"Confuse and did know how to choose or buy the best gift to the special person"

Don't worry!!! We have an a simple and portable product with affordable price and it will satisfy to your special person👍👍👍

Product name: Simply Tissue Holder

Product category: Tissue Holder

Space: Living room/Office/Car/Bag

Material: 100% Cotton Fabric

Size approx: L 19CM X W 11CM

Weight of Product: 90 gram

Packaging: All parcel packing with transparent and seal plastic pack

Our product is a casual contemporary and user friendly for any ages. The material used is 100% cotton fabric and we also included one pack medium pocket tissue 50 sheets per pack (The tissue size is suitable from the sample given). Our design is simple and ease to the user if they want to replace with new pocket tissue just release the latch button and besides that our product is washable for cleaning.

Buying our product is can become of your personal collection item or it can be as a souvenirs or door gifts for example in the special occasions (Birthday, Teacher day, Family day and etc.). Our product Simply Tissue Holder is an a portable meaning it's can be used for any places either kept inside your bag, car, living room, office and etc. With the new environment due of viruses around us we need to keep hygiene all the time and our product is purposely to cover the tissue pack from directly expose to the unhealthy environment.

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