This material kit can allow you to make Starry Unicorn

In this material pack you will find: 

Velvet Fabric A (Cream) : 1 pc (22" x width)
Velvet Fabric B (Grey) : 1 pc (12" x 28")
Velvet Fabric C (Light Green) : 1 pc (29" x 20")
Felt Fabric (Black) : 1 pc (5" x 11")
Felt Fabric (White) : 1 pc (3" x 15")
Batting : 1 pc (8" x 22")
Losse Fiber : 1 pack (800 g)
Acuan : 7 pcs (A3)

** If the color in the above picture is not available, we will replace with any random colors. Kindly do not place order if you disagree with this terms and condition. Once order is placed we do not accept any exchange/ refund.


Shipping Details

- We will ship the item within after we received the payment.

- You'll receive the package 5-7 days after we have sent the package.

- This gift set will be shipped with a sealed plastic.

- East Malaysia states will be subjected to additional shipping charges.