- The fabrics and filter being used in this fabric 3-ply face mask is in compliance with
World Health Organization (WHO) recommended materials and composition.

- 1st Layer (outer layer) : Breathable Premium Cotton

- 2nd layer (middle layer [filter]): SMMS Non-Woven filter (PPE/medical grade, water repellent)

- 3rd Layer (inner layer) : 100% soft cotton for extra comfort and softer to the skin

- Filter is sewn onto the fabric; thus, there is no insertion of filter is needed and filter can
be washed together with the fabric

- Environmental Friendly
- Skin Friendly
- Cost saving due to reusable and washable up to 90 times
- Adjustable elastic ear loop for comfort 
- Lightweight and breathable
- Fashionable and captivating
- One standard size
- 100% Handmade
- Face mask measurement: L : 24cm x H : 14cm