Premium Adult Fabric Face Mask with Bamboo Fleece

Materials and features:

Outer layer: Premium 100% cotton fabric (breathable, fashionable and embroidered outer layer)

Middle layer: Natural bamboo fleece fabric
(Please refer to picture no.7)

Inner layer: Premium 100% cotton fabric (breathable and comfortable inner layer)

Each mask comes with a pair of comfortable soft elastics and ear loop adjusters.

Care instructions: Hand wash in normal water with mild detergent or machine wash in a small laundry net. Do not bleach. 

Benefits of bamboo fleece fabric:

1. Antibacterial – keeps you odor free and feeling fresh (excellent ventilation-microscopic holes in bamboo fibres)
2. Hypoallergenic – natural bamboo does not cause allergic reactions; suitable for those who have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies
3. Highly sweat absorbent (Pulls moisture from skin for evaporation – keeps you dry)
4. Excellent heat regulation – insulating properties that influence heat exchange; comfortable in both warm and cold weather
5. Wonderfully soft - one of the softest fabrics
6. Naturally UV protectant – it can filter up to 97.5% of harmful UV rays and protects your skin
7. Eco-friendly fabric

Suitable for double masking!

Ready stock!

Handmade & Homemade with Love


 Standard adult size

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