Comfortable handle designed to reduce hand and wrist fatigue. Squeeze handle to expose blade for cutting. Blade self-retracts for safety when not in use. Dual-action safety lock allows the user to lock the blade open for comfort and closed for safety. For right-and left-handed users. Cuts up to six layers of fabric.


  • OLFA tool.
  • For fabric cutting.
  • hand pressing handle can easily control the blade.
  • safety knob easily locates the location of the blade.
  • cut multi-layer of fabric at one time, convenient and time-saving.
  • can be used together with cutter and ruler.
  • The blade is safely designed to retract automatically when releasing the handle.
  • Ergonomically designed elastomer soft handle reduces users hand fatigue and provides lasting comfort.
  • Use OLFA disc blade ‘RB45’. The decorative edged blades WAB45 and PIB45 can be also used.
  • Cuts through multi-layers with a single stroke, leaving a clean finished edge.
  • For left or right-handed use.
  • OLFA specially made tungsten tool steel 45mm disc blade.

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