Nia Set Straw Pouch is category eco-friendly whereby our handmade pouch is made from the 100% cotton colourful fabric and also includes the stainless steel straw set. The objective for our design and invention of Nia Set Straw Pouch is to bring civic awareness to community about the hygiene and healthy lifestyle whereby now our world is facing with the viruses and bacteria due to unhygienic lifestyle. The Nia Set Straw Pouch is one of the portable products which is too safe keeping the utensil for daily usage without sharing with others person and also become the personal item for the person who want to used it.

What is special about this pouch!!!  It’s reusable and washable and it easy to carry anywhere (portable) and the pouch also suitable for child and adults. Our product also can become special occasion days Gift for example: Teacher's Day/Birthday/Door gift & etc.

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Product name:


Material & Size of product:

- 100% COTTON

- Style Japanese

- Approx: (Length & height) 23.5cm & (Width) 6.5cm

- 7 color available

- Provide with keychain carabiner hook(fabric sewing type)

- This pouch is easy to clean, dries fast and can used again next dry. 



- 4pcs high quality silver stainless steel various standard size of straw.

a. Elbow straw

b. Straight straw

c. Big straight straw

d. Straw cleaning brush



- All parcel packing with transparent and sealed plastic pack.


"For The Exceptional Order, Pre-Order Within 07days Before Ship's"