Lavender Aromatic Sachet 

This Lavender aromatic sachet is made from premium cotton fabric, a waxed string and a wooden bead. Each sachet comes with a pack of premium quality dried Lavender flowers. (Please refer to the picture)

How to use:
Open the dried Lavender flowers pack and pour it into the fabric sachet. Rub the sachet slightly to release the scent. Your Lavender Perfumed Sachet is ready to be used! Hang it or place it in your car, wardrobe, drawer, suitcase, near your window, near your pet cage or litter box, under your pillow or anywhere you like!
(After some time, you can refresh the scent; use a hairdryer to heat it a bit to help the dried Lavender flowers to release more scent).

Benefits of dried Lavender flowers:
- use as aromatherapy
- have calming effects on people with anxiety or insomnia
- helps promote sleep quality
- provide a aromatic scent and make your home smell good
- a natural insect repellent
- to ward off moths from your closet
- relieve asthma symptoms 
- help combat fungus growth

A special and thoughtful gift for someone who loves Lavender!

Ready stock!

Handmade & Homemade with Love


(approx) 9cm (length)x11cm (height)x5cm (opening)

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