This zipper foot is designed to guide the zipper while sewing to ensure straight placement. The screw-on type foot can be set to sew on either side of the zipper. It can also easily be adjusted to fit snugly against the zipper. This foot can also be used as a piping foot for thicker piping, including the heavy jumbo cord.




Zipper Foot / Piping Foot has many applications and can be used to sew almost any type of zipper. Also good for top-stitching and sewing in areas where the regular foot might be too wide. The foot can be positioned left or right, and you can adjust the positioning of the needle to exactly where you want it to be to allow for very close stitching. The Piping Foot will have its limitations when using thicker piping including the heavy jumbo cord and this is when the adjustable zipper foot will be invaluable. A screw-on type foot, it can be adjusted to fit snugly against the cord when covering your own piping or when attaching commercial piping.