Face Mask Casing Video Demo:

Product Description:

Face mask casing is to keep your face mask neat and
while you need to temporarily unmask, such as
enjoying your meal in public. The casing can be hooked to a bag’s
handle, keychain, or even at your belt. It is ideal for surgical mask.

You can also have an additional dedicated face mask casing to
store unused masks. Please use a separate casing
used and unused face mask.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has posted videos of "the
" and "the Dont's" of wearing face mask for our safety. 
Do click the highlighted links.


Approximate Measurement:

Folded - 11 cm (4.5 in) x 10 cm (4.0 in)

Opened - 23 cm (9.0 in) x 10 cm (4.0 in)



PU/PVC material, attached with rivets and plastic snap buttons.


Shipping Details:

- The item will ship within 3 working days after payment received

- This item will be shipped with a sealed plastic

You may receive the package within 7-10 days (depending on location)



Customization/Bulk order: 

For bulk order* (50pcs and above), please WhatsApp or PM Facebook or
Instagram for details
*Subject to product availability