Eco Print Short Sleeve T-shirt (Children)

Eco-printing on fabric is a technique where plants, leaves and flowers leave their shapes, color, and marks on fabric. Plant material bundled inside of cloth is steamed to release the dye found naturally inside the plant. This method will create a contact print in the shape of the leaf or flower used. These contact prints are referred to as 'eco-prints'.

 This is a very unique eco print t-shirt that i designed myself. Only 1 piece per design. Definitely a one of a kind gift!
The plain t-shirt needs to be treated with special care and techniques before it is processed using all natural materials. And the shapes/prints of leaves printed on it are so special and they were carefully selected. Fyi, all these works took 2-3 weeks to complete.

This eco print t-shirt is definitely 
a unique collectible for nature lovers and botanists. It can be a special gift for your loved one too!

Handmade & Homemade with Love!


Please refer to the size chart in the last picture.

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