Creative Sewing Machine- Special Edition By Janome

Janome Sewing Machine


 ⭐️Semi Computerized: Easy to Learn, Easy to Operate. Will not be tired after long hours of sewing.

⭐️Portable & Light Weighted: Only 6 Kilograms, can be brought anywhere with ease.

⭐️Versatile: Can sew up to 30 types of stitches, including Overlocking, Piping, Quilting & Embroidery.

⭐️Suitable for a wide range of materials: Leather, Cotton, Canvas, Vinyl Fabric, Jeans.
Thin to Thick to Stretchable Fabric Material.

⭐️Suitable for Crafters: That Sew Clothing, Bags, Pouches, Curtains, Toys.

⭐️Top Quality: No 1 Japanese Brand. Fully imported from Japan. Can sew 10 - 12 hours without heating up.
⭐️Life Time Teaching of Machine Functions: Do not need to worry after purchasing not able to utilize your machine. We will teach you all the functions as many times as you need. 


🧵Push start button: Can sew without pressing leg pedal.

🧵Auto Threader: Fitting thread into needle head with ease

🧵Speed Control: Adjusting the sewing speed. Suitable for Beginner & Advance Sewer.

🧵Auto Locking Functions: Auto stitch finishing knot. Perfect finishing.


Trade in Program: RM 1000 Discount

Trade in Your Old /Problem Sewing Machine-Bring Back A New Semi Computerized Sewing Machine + 3000 Learning Point(Sewing Courses) With Only RM2299

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Do not know how to sew? 

No Worries We Got You Covered! 

You can now select the Sewing Machine & Workshop Package.

Sewing Workshop Package



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