Introducing our latest baby, BLOOMING JOY. 🌸

Recently, stunning photos of tecoma trees with light pink, purple and white flowers
made the headline! This reminds us of the sakura or cherry blossom season in Japan
and Korea. No doubt, many of us have been missing out on travel due to the
pandemic. However, back home in Malaysia, we have these beautiful gems in full
bloom, which give us a piece of cherry blossom season and a taste of spring.

This is the source of my inspiration when designing and handcrafting this bag,
BLOOMING JOY. (From our limited edition Lawa A La Borneo Bag collection)

A flower doesn’t compare itself with other flowers. It JUST BLOOM. Just be YOU.

Bloom where you are, bloom despite the weeds and grow tall and beautiful anyways.
Bloom where you are even if you wish you were elsewhere. Take in all of the light
when the sun is still shinning, and know that the rain is necessary when it’s not. Know
that everything you need to bloom is just inside of you - you already have the
strength and capability to grow. Nourish your body and take care of your mind. Keep
learning and keep growing. Let your true colours shine. Just be you!
Bloom with joy! (Nikki Banas)

I am BLOOMING JOY and I am 100% designed and handmade in a multiracial land
called Malaysia 🇲🇾, with a mixed blood of traditional and modern heritage style. I am a
good companion and the perfect match to any outfit and outings. I promise there will
not be another BLOOMING JOY, which makes me a very unique masterpiece,
just like you and I.

Measurement: 26x21x21cm

Retail price: RM 278 (with a long chain strap for shoulder sling)