Batu Seremban (Classic version)

This Batu Seremban set consists of a cute drawstring pouch and 7 stones. The pouch is made of a selected good quality fabric (classic motif) and the stones are handcrafted using high quality cotton fabrics. The stones size and shape are specially designed in a way that resemble the real stones. Many do not know that this game may help the development of soft motor skills and improve eyes coordination in young children. Besides, playing Batu Seremban is a great bonding time with family members during this pandemic period. At the same time, we can teach our younger generation to play and treasure this traditional game; while for grandparents, they will definitely reminiscing the good old days.

It is a very special and affordable gift too!

Ready stock!


 (approx): 2.5x2.5cm (Stones)

11x13cm (Pouch)

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