Create blind hems on a variety of fabrics. The seam width changes with the adjustable guide on the presser foot. Perfect for edge stitching, attaching lace and fabric edge joining. Foot opening can accommodate any left to right needle position. Seam guide moves easily with the rotation of the channelled washer to create custom seam width sizes.h



Adjustable Blind Hem Foot – blind hemming can sometimes be a little bit tricky so the blind hem foot goes some way to helping improve this technique. The foot has a metal guide in the centre and three grooves on the underside. During blind hemming, the fold of the fabric fits snugly against the fuide in the foot for accuracy wile the groove underneath help to prevent unnecessary slipping. The needle swings over the metal guide creating slack in the upper tension so that the pick of the stitch is almost invisible. You can produce professional-looking hems fast – simply by using the blind stitch on your sewing machine. This is easy once you are know-how. Having this foot and learning how to use it saves you heaps on alteration bills too!