( ITH ) In-the-Hoop embroidery designs are digital sewing patterns that stitch themselves on your embroidery machine



  ...The whole bag is sewn by an embroidery machine... 整个袋子是用绣花机缝制的...

  • the bag structure 袋子结构
  • the zipper of the favorite color are selected 选择喜欢的颜色的拉链
  • the pattern is embroidered matched with the color of the favorite thread 绣花图案与喜欢的线的颜色匹配

 The zipper of each bag is equipped with a key ring, which is convenient to open and close the zipper and can also be hung on other bags. 每个袋子的拉链都配有钥匙圈,可以方便地打开和关闭拉链,也可以挂在其他袋子上。

 Materials & Tools :  
Waterproof Fabric  + NYLON ZIPPER + KEY RING 
inner : waterproof fabric

 Approximate Measurement : 

S SIZE - 7.5 cm ( length ) x 11 cm ( height )
M SIZE - 13.5 cm ( length ) x 9 cm ( height )
L SIZE - 17 cm ( length ) x 12 cm ( height ) 


Customization/Bulk order 定制/批量订单

 For bulk order (20pcs and above) 对于批量订购(20件及以上)


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