Chomel HLS (Hand Look Stitch Quilting) Back Pack

Adjustable back straps dan hanging loop in stripe webbing. Small in size but big storage


Outer   -  Soft Canvas

Inner   -  Cotton with light cotton interfacing

Clossure - YKK zip and webbing end clip

Approximate Measurement

L8.0" x H8.5" x W5.5


Ideal for personal belongings, baby and kids necessities (milk bottle, pampers, toys etc).
It's perfect for nursery and playdates even for travelling too.

Shipping Details

1. The item will be shipped within 3 working days after payment received.

2. This item will be shipped with a sealed plastic.

3. You may receive the package within 7-10 working days (depending on location)

Customization/Bulk order: 

For bulk order* (5 pcs and above), please Whatsapp 0194157044 for details.
*Subject to product availability