Hi! My name is Chic Nyonya Manis. 
Everyone has a birth story, and this is mine...
I was born, designed and woven by two ladies from a beautiful land which is often
referred to as Borneo, or the land of Hornbills. Together with my other siblings, we
came from a bag-group called 'Lawa A La Borneo' that was inspired by the word
"Lawa" - which means beautiful in our local Malay language. 
One day, my designer came across her favorite pink Kebaya Nyonya that she used to
wear donkey years ago. That kebaya nyonya was her first handmade kebaya gifted by
her mummy when she entered college.
Just when she was about to put that set of kebaya nyonya back into the wardrobe, her
youngest child came in and was attracted to the beautiful sweet pink attire that her
mum was holding. In her innocent and curious voice, she asked "what are you holding,
That week, both mum and daughter shared stories and pictures of the Peranakan or
Baba Nyonya heritage in Malaysia. 
That's how me, Chic Nyonya Manis, was born. 
Chic represents elegant and stylish - and it also rhymes with the word, "Cik", which
means "Miss" in our local Malay language.  
Nyonya refers to female Peranakan. When we talk about Nyonya attire, usually we
remember the intricate elegant-looking border lace and beautiful sulam embroidery
on the kebaya top, fastened with accessories like kerosang brooch and paired with a
sarong batik - a long cloth wrapped around the waist. These are the unique
resemblance of a beautiful Nyonya in me. 
Manis means 'sweet' and 'lovely' in our local word. This was inspired by my sweet pink
nature and also a Peranakan Song - Nyonya Manis.
 I am 100% designed and handmade in a multiracial land called Malaysia, with a mixed
blood of traditional and modern heritage style. Adding to the classy vintage chic look,
I have a removeable long chain strap in gold colour and a batik insert with a zipper to
give your belongings some privacy. I am approximately 26cm tall with a sturdy base
measuring 21x21cm, giving ample of rooms for all your outing essentials. 

I am your good companion and the perfect match to any outfit and outings. I promise
there will not be another Chic Nyonya Manis, which makes me a very unique
masterpiece, just like you and I. 
Now that you have heard my birth story, I know you would like to take me home. *Lu
jangan segan, bikin gua tungu lu weh. Bring me home today! 
*translation: Don’t be shy, don’t make me wait 
(This Chic Nyonya Manis from the Lawa A La Borneo collection won the top 50
Malaysia Best Crafter award that was organized by Pusat Jahitan dan Seni Kreatif
Malaysia in Feb2020.)
It is available during the launching of Tunku Azizah Handmade Market on 03/03/2021
by Her Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda The Raja Permaisuri Agong Tunku Hajah Azizah. 

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