Bell Key Chain Pouch

-Dimension/Size(Approx) : H11cmxW8cm
-Conveniently Protect your keys and precious items surrounding with this adorable and
durable Premium Cotton Keychain Pouch!
-Easy to use by pulling the 3cm Key Ring or durable bead, attached on either end of a
high-quality flexible Waxed Cord.
-The convenience, durability, and functionality of the Bell Key Chain Pouch have won the
hearts of many, making it the BEST- Selling item of all time!

Shipping Details

-Your order(s) will be individually packed, sealed and sent out to our Delivery Partner(s)
within 3 working days.
-You will then be provided with the Tracking No.
-Lead-time will be subjected to their processes, your location, and several other
factors(boarder restrictions, etc).
-This may take between 2-14 days working days.
-Thank you for your patience and support !Bell Key Chain Pouch